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re·de·fined land·scape

  1. The relationship between humans and the natural world that promotes wellness*.

    "Tending their watermelon garden barefoot led the family to create a redefined landscape for their inner and outer ecology."

     *vitality, inspiration, mindfulness, connection, sanity, love, vibrancy, passion


Welcome to The LifeSource Experience

"I want to help improve quality of life for all through education and implementation of healthy, resilient, and redefined landscape systems."

-Ramsey Cronk


Experiential Gardens

Bringing gardens, education, and hands-on experiences to the those who shape our future.

Landscape Management

Resources are an important topic. Let's talk about how to build regenerative systems.

 SoilShine Wellness

Are you an organization seeking to empower your staff with cutting-edge experiences ? 


"Ramsey is one of the main reasons our garden activism projects have been so successful.  His knowledge and skills have grown and maintained some of the most beautiful school gardens, while his outreach continues to educate others on the numerous benefits of nature connection and gardening.  I am fortunate to work with him and couldn't imagine a better community garden visionary."

-Paul Orfalea, Kinkos Founder and Philanthropist