In a technology-focused paradigm, a connection to our natural world becomes vital in terms of alleviating anxiety and promoting happiness, holistic health, and productivity.
— Ramsey Cronk

SoilShine Wellness is a program for businesses and organizations tailored to increase productivity and comprehensive health.  It's rooted in a scientific and spiritual belief that we are all connected.

All life depends on relationships which have been around for billions of years.  Our microbial ancestors and partners in the water, soil, rocks, plants and wind existing everywhere around us are fundamental to our life source.  We are being called to get dirty not only for survival but sanity and balance.  Once this invitation is embraced, a powerful transformation toward an activated and passionate life takes hold.

Honoring and integrating with our greater community will help us humans find more stability in this fast paced and technology-crazed world.  As our mental health, body, and soul continue to be deprived of its primal roots SoilShine is here to cooperate in this process of revitalization.

Wellness offerings include but are not limited to Experiential Gardening Programs, Garden Therapy and Meditation Practices, Soil Sleeping, Composting and Vermiculture Programs, Beekeeping Set-Up and Education, Cooking and Food Literacy Classes, Work Party Facilitation, Youth Nature Experiences, Women-Only, Men-Only and Group Wilderness Experiences, Philanthropic Outreach Guidance and Implementation, Permaculture Courses and Certifications, and much more.  Please contact us for more detailed information.